The rising cost of energy makes adequate attic insulation a must have in any home. Recent estimates suggest 50% to 75% of residential attics in central and western Kansas are under-insulated. If your attic is one of them, you are literally losing money through your ceiling. Let us show you how a minimal investment in your home can create a perpetual return on heating and cooling costs.

Our non-irritant and eco-friendly cellulose insulation extends the life of your heating and cooling systems, reduces monthly utility bills and gives you a more comfortable space to enjoy with family and friends. From a savings standpoint, there’s no substitute for a well insulated home. Insulation is an investment in your home that pays you back in many ways. You may even qualify for a tax credit!

Our cellulose insulation is as affordable (if not less expensive) than other methods of insulating your home. It’s also the safest for the environment and your overall health. Our cellulose insulation is made from 82% recycled paper, primarily newsprint, giving it the highest recycled content of any insulation product. It’s both fire retardant and mold resistant as well.

Not only does our product save you money, it offers superior noise reduction and helps create “quiet spaces” so you can concentrate in your home office, get (and keep) your infants to sleep or just relax in general. If you like to entertain on the weekends, you’ll also find it offers superior acoustical environments throughout your home.

Want to see for yourself all the ways our residential cellulose insulation can help your home? Use the short form below to schedule a free estimate and inspection today.

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